What’s That Tea? Facts about Irish Breakfast history and drinking tips

Richer than English Breakfast but lighter than Scottish Breakfast; Irish Breakfast Tea is a strong and smooth option for the morning.

Irish tea drinkers love their tea very strong, which is why Irish Breakfast Tea favours malty black tea.  Many residents of Ireland drink as much as six cups of this tea every day and are the third highest tea consumers in the world at over 3kgs per capita.


This tea blend is often taken with milk – and milk in the teacup first if you follow Irish Tradition. A perfect way to enjoy Irish Breakfast Tea is to enjoying the British tradition of ‘Elevenses’ a morning snack similar to afternoon tea. Hot buttery crumpets are a perfect match.

Irish Breakfast tea was originally a premium product unable to be afforded by most of the population. Until the time of World War II most Irish Tea came via auction houses of London and after being affected by rationing during that time the Irish Government created direct dealing with tea producing countries and ensured an excellent quality and availability of tea coming to into Ireland.

While most Irish Breakfast teas are heavily based on blends with the strong Indian teas from the Assam region, the What’s That Tea version is blended using the finest tea leaves from tea gardens in Sri Lanka. The result is still malty and strong but has a rich flavor and golden appearance and makes for a delicious cup of loose leaf tea that goes well with hearty warming food.


A rich and full-bodied breakfast favourite, enjoyed by generations in the morning and throughout the day.  Blended from the finest of leaf teas, the sturdy and brisk flavours of What’s That Tea Irish Breakfast Tea are sure to beguile you- just like the Irish people… And leave you with a ‘top o’ the morning’ spring in your step!

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