What’s That AMOUNT of Tea?

Getting the right amount of tea in your teapot can be a tricky business!

The traditional rule thumb is one teaspoon per cup and ‘one for the pot’. However I prefer one heaped tablespoon (or whatever spoon you have handy) for a small teapot and two heaped spoonfuls for a large teapot.  One thing to keep in mind is that flavoured teas can overpower the senses if you have too much tea in the pot. A delicious Earl Grey, like the What’s That Tea? version, is a delightful and subtle balance of tea with bergamont if brewed lightly but looses its subtlety and you’ll feel like you are trapped in a perfumery if you have too many tea leaves or leave it to steep too long.


I would suggest the above amounts for straight black teas like English Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast and Russian Caravan and a slightly smaller amount for the flavoured teas including the What’s That Tea Strawberry and Champagne black tea.

One of the joys of the Chinese Green Tea is that you can use as much as you like, leave the leaves in the tea pot AND you can even reuse the leaves for the rest of the day! Chinese Green is the perfect gift for a tea making novice and just remember to go light on the amount of flavoured tea so YOU can look like an expert!

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