What’s that Tea Launch: Menu Spotlight

Photo by Leisha Clancy

Our good friend Kate over at Plumcakeandpowertools catered our launch and the food went down a treat. Kate matched six appetizers to our launch collection of teas to complement the tastings.  We also had brownies, chocolate fudge, cupcakes and cookies all kindly donated by our lovely friends. The tasting menu included:

  • Green Cucumber Cups: refreshing cups made from cucumber filled with tangy sesame soba noodles
  • Earl Grey & Poppy Seed Cupcakes: Tea infused cupcakes with a sweet but earthy flavour highlighted by bergamot
  • Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Caviar: Fluffy buckwheat pancakes with a fun tweak to traditional toppings
  • Egg and Bacon Tarts: tricky breakfast tarts that contain egg and bacon and nothing more
  • Shortbread with Raspberry Cream Dip: crunchy and creamy and a little indulgent
  • Scones with strawberry jam and cream: a tea time classic made by What’s that tea? owner Shardee Hoff

Can you guess which tea matches each dish?


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